Lose Weight Fast

Don’t lose yourself! Lose your weight!

The summer is just roaming around with a very hot weather. This might be an apt time, to be bikini ready. If you are going through a limited time span and just have few weeks in your hand; to squeeze yourself into that scanty swimwear, we have come up exclusively with some common strategies, in order to help you, to lose weight faster and sculpt your body within short time.

Food Plan

 If you are looking for a better understanding of how to lose weight fast; a balanced diet should definitely be your primary focus. It has always been suggested to include nutritional, high fiber food in your daily meal rather than nibbling on a junk food. Additionally, some functional foods like vitamin and mineral supplements in combination with complex carbohydrates and moderate proteins are essential to balance your metabolism and manage your weight.

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Herbal Supplements

Today’s market is full of many herbal supplements; which can actually detoxify body and make the same susceptible for nutrient intake. In order to understand how to lose weight without exercise; one must understand importance of these ancient Ayurveda herbs, such as Triphala, Amla, Manjishtha, etc, in balancing the flow of energy and removing doshas from your body; in order to facilitate fat metabolism and hormonal imbalance.


If you can combine your weight loss plan with good cardiovascular or toning exercise patterns; you will definitely be able to sculpt your body. Mild to moderate exercise, may be thrice a week will be able to improve your metabolism, standardize cardiac efficiency and reduce visceral fat significantly.

Thus, with a balanced diet, healthy nutritional supplements and proper exercise pattern; you will be definitely able to lose weight fast within limited time period